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Amalia Carneri, born Malka Kanarvogel, soprano opera and operetta performer based in Vienna, Austria. She made several recordings. She performed in Vienna’s Stadttheater, Landestheater, Carl-Theater and Volkstheater.1

She was born September 12, 1875 in Rzeszow, Poland. She studied at the Vienna Conservatory and changed her name to Amalia Carneri. She toured extensively including France, Hungary and what is now Austria and Germany.

Married September 17, 1901 at a synagogue on Seitenstettengasse, Vienna, Austria to Heinrich (Henryk) Pollak born in Krakow June 7, 1877. Heinrich was a government mine inspector. He died October 7, 1938 at the Jewish Hospital. He is buried in the Central Cemetery Vienna, Austria. Amalie, the name she used in her private life was taken to the Terezin Concentration Camp and then to Treblinka Concentration Camp in Poland where she perished, February 7, 1943.  2

The Pollaks' had two sons Fritz (Fred) born February 28, 1909 and Karl (Charles) born January 15, 1920, both in Vienna. Fritz immigrated to the US in 1938 on the S.S. Ille. De France from Le Havre to New York and became a design engineer for Sperry Gyroscope. Karl sailed on the S.S. Champlain from Saint Nazaire, France where he was interned March 30, 1940. He became an engineering professor and author at the University of Rhode Island

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Dated performance programs
Lohengrin composed by Richard Wagner, role of Ortrud, Grosse Festsaal des Ingenieu-und Architekten-Vereines, Vienna, and November 3, 1922.

Odeon, Barcarole, Hoffman’s’ erzahlugen with Willi Strehl
Favorite Record, Schlittenarie a Faunitza and Schmuckwalzer from Faust

Ein Walzertaum composed by Felix Dormann and Leopold Jacobson, September 30, 1908. role of Friedrife von Infterbug and Oberhofmeiesterin at Carltheater.
Der Selige Vinzenz, by Alexander Landesberg, libretto by Leo Stein, February 26, 1907
Role of Irene at Carltheater, February 26, 1907.